24 August 2007

Twiggy as Art

I don't know where this picture is (BookGirl says it's too complicated to explain and that she found it here), but I hope I can go there to see it -- and take my friends. Maybe it's all filled with pictures of dogs! (I look pretty cute, don't you think?)

21 August 2007

Summer Naps

I've been taking a lot of naps lately. It's been very warm, and Shih Tzus don't do well AT ALL in hot weather. By the time I get back from my walk with Steven in the morning, I'm hot and tired, so I have have a big drink of water, eat my breakfast, then take a nap on the window seat. When it gets too hot there, I go into the laundry room and nap. The tile floor in there is nice and cool.

I haven't been bringing in many twigs in the past week. It's way too hot to go outside, except when I go out on the deck to bark -- that's how I say hello -- at the neighbors and their dogs walking by, and the UPS man in his truck. In the mornings, if we eat on the deck with the big overhead fan, I lay under the table.

Steven and BookGirl's bedroom is cool at night -- cool enough for a blanket. It's my bedroom too, since that's where I sleep. Sometimes when one of them gets out of bed, I jump up and snuggle under the covers. I have my own bed, of course, but theirs is so much bigger! That's me having a good snooze in the big bed.

02 August 2007

I'd Rather Have a Chew Toy

BookGirl says she found this toy on the Internet (whatever that is). It doesn't look like a toy to me. It doesn't squeak, or squeeze, or bounce or roll. But BG thinks it's fun anyway. Sometimes I don't understand her at all. She found it here.