30 June 2007

Busy, Busy

I've been very busy over the past few days, so I haven't had time to write. I've been helping Steven and BookGirl weed the garden and clean up the front yard (they say I'm a good supervisor). I've also been walking around the neighborhood a lot with Steven, and yesterday he took me on a car ride to pick up a pizza (I don't get to eat it, 'though. Sigh.). And I had to guard the house yesterday when both Steven and BG were out. And, of course, I have to spend a lot of time at my usual spot on the window seat to make sure that I see everybody who walks by. It's a big job, and it takes up a big part of my day.

But I had a big adventure this morning, so I had to write about it. When I went on my morning walk, who did we run into but my next door neighbor Trixie and my best buddy Shorty! BG took some pictures and she promised to put them up soon. I can't wait!

25 June 2007

In the Movies

BookGirl has a toy that makes these cards. She types stuff into her laptop and this is what comes out. This one is about a movie called Twiggy's Big Adventure, starring... me! I have big adventures all the time, and I like baby turkeys, so I'm ready.

24 June 2007

Hangin' Out

Sometimes when BookGirl goes out on the deck with her laptop, I go out too and explore. I look through the railing to see if there are any deer in the back yard. I check to see if there are any squirrels eating the corn that falls from the bird feeder; and sometimes I just sun myself. Life is good.

23 June 2007

A Big Adventure

BookGirl (BG) had to return some books to the library this week, and she took me along (I love car rides). When we go in BG's little red two-seater car, I sit in the passenger seat at first, then I climb over into the driver's seat so that I can sit on BG's lap. BG says that's it's dangerous to drive that way, so she puts me back on the passenger seat. (When I'm with BG and Steven together, we take the car that has my car seat hooked up to the back seat. I can see out the window better from there, and it's also comfy for snoozing when I get tired. Car rides can be very tiring).

We had a big adventure on our car ride! We saw two deer and a turkey! Sometimes I see them when I go walking with Steven, but they run away when I chase them. This time they didn't run away -- I think it was because they couldn't see that I was in the car. The turkey was a mama turkey and had some little turkeys with her. I wouldn't have chased them anyway, because even though I can be pretty ferocious, I wouldn't have wanted to scare the baby turkeys.

Our neighborhood is just one big adventure after another. I love living here.

20 June 2007

My Pal Toby

When I came to live here, Tobias was already here. He's Steven's cat and he'd lived with Steven for a long time -- even before he met BookGirl. Because Tobias was here first, he gets to be the leader of the pack, and gets to eat his breakfast first from our joint food bowl. Sometimes I'll have a drink out of the water bowl right next to it while he's eating, and he doesn't seem to mind.

Tobias is not a very friendly cat, but I know he likes me. When Steven and I take a walk, he follows us at a distance. Every once in a while he walks with us a little ways. And sometimes, when we're outside, he gives me a little head bump; Steven says that's one of the ways he shows affection. Tobias goes outside by himself whenever he wants, which I'm not allowed to do (and which I wouldn't want to do anyway, because I like staying close to BG and Steven). I like to welcome him back, so I stand right inside the door and wag my tail. Then when he comes in, I chase him around a little bit. He acts like that he doesn't like that, but I know he's just playing hard to get.

BG took this picture. Tobias and I are talking (that's Steven encouraging us to talk). See, Tobias is really close to me! I know he likes me.

19 June 2007


BookGirl took this picture when she was leaving to go to Penland. We live on the road that's mentioned on the sign, so Steven (a/k/a Head Pup) has been taking in the bird feeders every night since then.

I'm very friendly, as you can probably tell from my picture, but HP says that bears are not friendly and I should stay away from them. That's very confusing. Everyone I've ever met has been friendly and nice to me (except for the nose-bump lady, but BG says that's a story for another time), so I don't see why a bear wouldn't be. It's a mystery.

17 June 2007

New Friends

BookGirl's friend sent her this picture. It's her friend and her friend's two pups. Aren't they beautiful? BG's friend seems very nice -- she must be, because she takes her pups on car rides. I like her car too -- BG has a red car, and I love going for car rides in it. If I were her friend, though, I would get car seats in a color that shows off her pretty black poodles -- yellow, I think, or pink, or the color of the cabinets next to my windowseat that BG calls turquoise. Maybe BG will tell her friend. And maybe she'll ask if the pups can come for a playdate.

16 June 2007

A Trend?

I can already tell that this blog stuff is going to cut into my twig-gathering time, but BookGirl says that's the price you have to pay for social networking (whatever that is). Anyway, she showed me Barky Lark, written by her friend's dog, Bella. She said it gave her the idea for BookPuppy. BG says Bella has attitude (whatever that is). I like the pictures, and Bella looks nice.

Now I know TWO Bellas (maybe the other Bella, who lives across the road, will start a blog too)!

BG's friend's site is RiverLark.

My First Post

My name is Twiggy, but the name of the blog is BookPuppy because BookGirl liked it. She's big on books, which you already know if you've visited her blog. I thought there were better names, like Mountain Shih Tzu or Wild Shih Tzu at Large, or Twiggy The Barbarian, or Twiggy Deerstalker, but BG wasn't very excited about those. I do like paper, so I guess BookPuppy is okay. In fact, chewing paper is one of my favorite things (I have a lot of favorite things, as you'll find out).

I like chewing all kinds of paper: post cards, ad flyers, letters, paper towels, and toilet paper are all excellent. BG and Steven (a/k/a, Head Pup) sometimes take my chew-paper away, but mostly they're glad that I like chewing paper instead of shoes, which I hear some other dogs like to do. What's up with that? I have upstairs chew toys and downstairs chew toys, and my blankie, and all the paper I can find around the house. What more could a discerning Shih Tzu want? For a while, I chewed the windowsill at my windowseat in the kitchen (that's me at the windowseat in the blog photo), but that was only because I was a little puppy and I didn't know any better. I don't do that anymore (well, hardly ever).

Anyway, I don't know how much time I'll have to post here because my days are very, very full, but I'll do my best. BG and HP said they will help me.