20 June 2007

My Pal Toby

When I came to live here, Tobias was already here. He's Steven's cat and he'd lived with Steven for a long time -- even before he met BookGirl. Because Tobias was here first, he gets to be the leader of the pack, and gets to eat his breakfast first from our joint food bowl. Sometimes I'll have a drink out of the water bowl right next to it while he's eating, and he doesn't seem to mind.

Tobias is not a very friendly cat, but I know he likes me. When Steven and I take a walk, he follows us at a distance. Every once in a while he walks with us a little ways. And sometimes, when we're outside, he gives me a little head bump; Steven says that's one of the ways he shows affection. Tobias goes outside by himself whenever he wants, which I'm not allowed to do (and which I wouldn't want to do anyway, because I like staying close to BG and Steven). I like to welcome him back, so I stand right inside the door and wag my tail. Then when he comes in, I chase him around a little bit. He acts like that he doesn't like that, but I know he's just playing hard to get.

BG took this picture. Tobias and I are talking (that's Steven encouraging us to talk). See, Tobias is really close to me! I know he likes me.


Alicia said...

Awwww That picture is too cute for words! I actualy really like reading Twiggy's blog. This was a great idea, very cute.

BookGirl said...

Thanks, Alicia. I'm glad you liked my picture. Tobias looks nice, too, except that you can only see him from the back. And Steven looks pretty good too. Of course, I'm the cutest, but that's because I'm a Shih Tzu. It will be good to see you when you visit. I hope we can take walks together.