17 June 2007

New Friends

BookGirl's friend sent her this picture. It's her friend and her friend's two pups. Aren't they beautiful? BG's friend seems very nice -- she must be, because she takes her pups on car rides. I like her car too -- BG has a red car, and I love going for car rides in it. If I were her friend, though, I would get car seats in a color that shows off her pretty black poodles -- yellow, I think, or pink, or the color of the cabinets next to my windowseat that BG calls turquoise. Maybe BG will tell her friend. And maybe she'll ask if the pups can come for a playdate.

1 comment:

Bella said...

OH! I love going for car rides. In fact, whenever I get out of the yard without my leash, RL ALWAYS asks if I want to go for a ride and I do so I follow her back into the yard. She's really pretty well trained.