23 June 2007

A Big Adventure

BookGirl (BG) had to return some books to the library this week, and she took me along (I love car rides). When we go in BG's little red two-seater car, I sit in the passenger seat at first, then I climb over into the driver's seat so that I can sit on BG's lap. BG says that's it's dangerous to drive that way, so she puts me back on the passenger seat. (When I'm with BG and Steven together, we take the car that has my car seat hooked up to the back seat. I can see out the window better from there, and it's also comfy for snoozing when I get tired. Car rides can be very tiring).

We had a big adventure on our car ride! We saw two deer and a turkey! Sometimes I see them when I go walking with Steven, but they run away when I chase them. This time they didn't run away -- I think it was because they couldn't see that I was in the car. The turkey was a mama turkey and had some little turkeys with her. I wouldn't have chased them anyway, because even though I can be pretty ferocious, I wouldn't have wanted to scare the baby turkeys.

Our neighborhood is just one big adventure after another. I love living here.

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Bella said...

Hey BP, I wrote about car rides today, too! We don't have turkeys in Minnesota, just squirrels and I just ignore them.