16 June 2007

My First Post

My name is Twiggy, but the name of the blog is BookPuppy because BookGirl liked it. She's big on books, which you already know if you've visited her blog. I thought there were better names, like Mountain Shih Tzu or Wild Shih Tzu at Large, or Twiggy The Barbarian, or Twiggy Deerstalker, but BG wasn't very excited about those. I do like paper, so I guess BookPuppy is okay. In fact, chewing paper is one of my favorite things (I have a lot of favorite things, as you'll find out).

I like chewing all kinds of paper: post cards, ad flyers, letters, paper towels, and toilet paper are all excellent. BG and Steven (a/k/a, Head Pup) sometimes take my chew-paper away, but mostly they're glad that I like chewing paper instead of shoes, which I hear some other dogs like to do. What's up with that? I have upstairs chew toys and downstairs chew toys, and my blankie, and all the paper I can find around the house. What more could a discerning Shih Tzu want? For a while, I chewed the windowsill at my windowseat in the kitchen (that's me at the windowseat in the blog photo), but that was only because I was a little puppy and I didn't know any better. I don't do that anymore (well, hardly ever).

Anyway, I don't know how much time I'll have to post here because my days are very, very full, but I'll do my best. BG and HP said they will help me.


Anonymous said...

Dearest BookPuppy, It was wonderful to read your post! Mom -La Poode - received the link just after we (me and my sister, Scarlett Henley Rudman) pulled into our house in Maine. You look so fetching in your window seat. La Poode had to close ours off as all we do there is bark madly at anyone who walks by. Drat. SCarlett and I are madly chasing wildlife and eating tall grasses while the folks drink multiple vodkas and ignore us for the moment. Alert - we hope and pray you made it through the contaminated food scare unscathed. Jeez. Very scary - never so happy that La Poode feeds us the organic stuff. Well, gotta run. Big slups - to BG and Stephen too. xxo

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