24 June 2007

Hangin' Out

Sometimes when BookGirl goes out on the deck with her laptop, I go out too and explore. I look through the railing to see if there are any deer in the back yard. I check to see if there are any squirrels eating the corn that falls from the bird feeder; and sometimes I just sun myself. Life is good.


Bella said...

Twiggy, you certainly are a cutie! DPL (Dog Park Larry, my neighbor) took BFF and I for a long walk this morning and then RL and I took care of BFF this afternoon. He can't be left by himself, can you believe it! We play hard when we're at his house, but he just waits by the door for DPL when he's here. What's up with that?

Twiggy said...

Hi, Bella, how lucky you are to spend the day with BFF. I bet BFF really misses DPL; that's why he waits by the door. When BG and Steven go out and leave me to guard the house, I stay at my window seat the whole time, looking out, waiting for their car.

P.S. BG says I had a typo (she said that means it was a mistake) in my post. She says I wrote 'dear' instead of 'deer.' But, to me, everything is 'dear,' so I don't think I was wrong.

Bella said...

Twiggy, BFF does miss DPL, but I can hear his car come before BFF does! I have the most amazing hearing.
And in your world, I bet everything is dear!