28 July 2007

Left Behind

BookGirl used to go away a lot (she called it 'business travel,' whatever that is). I knew she was going to leave because she brought out a big black box (she calls it a suitcase) and put her clothes and other things in it. Then she put it in the car and Steven drove us to a place called the airport. Steven used to take me with him to pick up BG when she came home too. I made a lot of friends there.

This time, Steven went away. I wanted to go with him, so when he wasn't looking, I jumped up on the bed and then into his suitcase. BG thought it was funny, so she took some pictures, but I was serious. I put my chew toy in there too so I'd have something to play with during the trip. Steven wouldn't let me stay, though. But he let me go with him and BG to the airport and held me on his lap instead of making me sit in my car seat in the back. I couldn't go in this time to say goodbye to Steven because BG was in a rush. I really miss Steven when he goes away. I have a lot of friends, but Steven is my very favorite person.

22 July 2007

Baby Twiggy

BookGirl says I should ask Steven to carry a camera when he takes me for my morning walk, 'cause I have a lot of adventures in the morning. Yesterday was very exciting, since I saw Sonja. She lives far away now, but she and T.L. are visiting. She was walking with her friends when I saw her. I was so excited that I stood up on my hind legs and walked all around her and wagged my tail. She was happy to see me too. She petted me a lot and rubbed my tummy. She and T.L. don't have a dog -- I feel sorry for them, but they seem to be okay with it. We didn't have a camera, 'though, so you can't see how glad she was to see me.

And we don't have a picture of the fun I had with Shorty this morning when Steven and I ran into Shorty and Lorraine. Usually Mark walks Shorty, or Lorraine and Mark walk him together, but today Shorty and Lorraine were on their own. Shorty's my best pal, you know. We walk together whenever we can, but it's hard to get Steven and Mark out in the mornings at the same time.

But even though I don't have any pictures of my latest adventures, I wanted to write in my blog anyway. All my friends read BookPuppy now, and I don't want to let them down. So BG said I could write about Sonja and Shorty and Lorraine, and she'd put up the pictures of me as a little puppy when I first came to live here. I didn't know then how much fun it would be and how many friends I would have, and how many twigs and leaves I would be able to bring in the house! Here we are on our back porch on a Sunday morning. I'm pretty adorable, as always, but you can tell that I'm a little unsure about things. BG and Steven are smiling, 'though, because I'm here to stay.

15 July 2007


My friend -- well, really, my girlfriend -- Bella lives across the street. BookGirl says she's a Labrador, but to me she's just blond and beautiful. Bella has a big front yard. We love to run and romp and wrestle all over. Bella's mom, Kathie, is really nice too. Sometimes she throws toys for me and Bella to chase. And she always gives me a treat.

Whenever I see Bella , I run up our driveway and across the road and right up to her front yard. BG and Steven don't like it when I do that. They worry that I might get hurt by a car crossing the road. It's true that I don't come when I'm called. I just get too excited. Especially when there's a chance to play with one of my friends. I bet you do the same thing when you see your friends.

Here are some pictures of me and Bella. Isn't she beautiful? There's a nice up-close one of Bella, and you can see me on the side. Kathie is giving me a treat. It's always the best day ever when I see Bella.

P.S. I have another friend named Bella too. She's in another place far away, BG says. I hope I can meet her some day. She's cute and smart and she has a blog too. BG met her mom, Riverlark, at a class at a place called Penland. She likes to do book and art stuff too, like BG. Whatever that is.

07 July 2007

Cat Dog

My window seat is my favorite place to hang out. But I have other places too. Tobias, Steven's cat, sits on the back of the sofa in the living room. He always looks very comfortable, and I thought it might be a good spot for me too. So now I sit like this on the sofa and on BookGirl's chair. Steven says that I think I'm a "cat dog." I don't know what that means, but it's fun to sit here. I especially like it when Steven is sitting on the sofa and I can lean over and lick his ear. And it's high up off the ground, so I can look down and all around.

Sometimes I sit with my paws on either side of the sofa back. I sit like that when I'm tired or sleepy. Sometimes Tobias and I sit on the back of the sofa together. When this happens, I'm very still, because I don't want to scare him. If I move, he thinks I'm trying to play with him and he jumps off. Tobias doesn't like to play as much as I do. That's okay. He's my friend anyway.

02 July 2007

Street Party

BookGirl finally got around to putting the pictures on her computer. I don't understand why it takes her so long, since I'm a lot busier than she is. After all, I have to make sure I see everybody who goes by our house and bark at them.

These are my pals, Trixie and Shorty. Trixie lives next door, but she only lives here half the year. BG says she's in Florida the rest of the time. What's Florida? Trixie used to be very barky when she saw me, and wouldn't play with me, but she's a lot better now. I think she just needed to know me better.

Shorty lives down the road, and he's my best bud. Sometimes we take walks together, with Steven and Mark. Mostly, we like to jump and wrestle. You can see that Trixie doesn't like to wrestle, and when we're all together, she tries to stop me and Shorty from playing rough. I don't think it's because she's a girl, because Bella, who lives across the street (she's my girlfriend) likes to romp and wrestle. I think Trixie is just a quieter pup. And that's okay too.