15 July 2007


My friend -- well, really, my girlfriend -- Bella lives across the street. BookGirl says she's a Labrador, but to me she's just blond and beautiful. Bella has a big front yard. We love to run and romp and wrestle all over. Bella's mom, Kathie, is really nice too. Sometimes she throws toys for me and Bella to chase. And she always gives me a treat.

Whenever I see Bella , I run up our driveway and across the road and right up to her front yard. BG and Steven don't like it when I do that. They worry that I might get hurt by a car crossing the road. It's true that I don't come when I'm called. I just get too excited. Especially when there's a chance to play with one of my friends. I bet you do the same thing when you see your friends.

Here are some pictures of me and Bella. Isn't she beautiful? There's a nice up-close one of Bella, and you can see me on the side. Kathie is giving me a treat. It's always the best day ever when I see Bella.

P.S. I have another friend named Bella too. She's in another place far away, BG says. I hope I can meet her some day. She's cute and smart and she has a blog too. BG met her mom, Riverlark, at a class at a place called Penland. She likes to do book and art stuff too, like BG. Whatever that is.


Anonymous said...

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Bella said...

BP, I was so excited with the title of your blog. I thought it would be all about ME! RL says that there are more dogs named Bella than just about any other name, but I don't really care. She says I should still say "thank you" for the link to my blog.

Riverlark said...

Dear BP,
I want to apologize for Bella's comment here. She's a very sweet dog, but she can be so self-involved. I hope she didn't hurt your feelings. I can tell you're a wonderful dog who just likes having friends!

BookPuppy said...

RL, I love hearing from Bella, and when I meet her, I'll put lots of pictures of her on my blog. I bet she'll like my other friend Bella, and Bella will like her too. Bella is such a beautiful name, don't you think? I'm so lucky to have two friends with that name!