22 July 2007

Baby Twiggy

BookGirl says I should ask Steven to carry a camera when he takes me for my morning walk, 'cause I have a lot of adventures in the morning. Yesterday was very exciting, since I saw Sonja. She lives far away now, but she and T.L. are visiting. She was walking with her friends when I saw her. I was so excited that I stood up on my hind legs and walked all around her and wagged my tail. She was happy to see me too. She petted me a lot and rubbed my tummy. She and T.L. don't have a dog -- I feel sorry for them, but they seem to be okay with it. We didn't have a camera, 'though, so you can't see how glad she was to see me.

And we don't have a picture of the fun I had with Shorty this morning when Steven and I ran into Shorty and Lorraine. Usually Mark walks Shorty, or Lorraine and Mark walk him together, but today Shorty and Lorraine were on their own. Shorty's my best pal, you know. We walk together whenever we can, but it's hard to get Steven and Mark out in the mornings at the same time.

But even though I don't have any pictures of my latest adventures, I wanted to write in my blog anyway. All my friends read BookPuppy now, and I don't want to let them down. So BG said I could write about Sonja and Shorty and Lorraine, and she'd put up the pictures of me as a little puppy when I first came to live here. I didn't know then how much fun it would be and how many friends I would have, and how many twigs and leaves I would be able to bring in the house! Here we are on our back porch on a Sunday morning. I'm pretty adorable, as always, but you can tell that I'm a little unsure about things. BG and Steven are smiling, 'though, because I'm here to stay.


Riverlark said...

Twiggy, you're absolutely adorable as a puppy! BG and Steve look blissfully happy! And it was fun to see a picture of BG again. I haven't seen her since we played at Penland together! Bella says Hi!

BookPuppy said...

Thanks, RL. I liked the picture of Bella when she first came to live with you, so I thought it was a good idea to show my baby pictures too.

BG was complaining that she's a lot bigger now than she was in the picture here, but I don't know why she complains. I'm a lot bigger now too, and I'm glad!