18 December 2007

Best Day Ever!

I had a great walk yesterday! It was very chilly, but I was snug in my coat.

I love my morning walks. I get to see all my friends. Our usual pack is me, Shorty, and Star, along with our people--Steven for me, Mark for Shorty and Jeanne for Star. Dale and Mary Alice also walk with us but they don't have puppies. I think Dale should get a Shih-Tzu too! She likes me a lot, and I like her too.

On the way down to Red Oak, you'll never guess who we saw! Two of my other puppy buddies--J.R. and Buster! Shorty and I stopped and we had a big puppy rumpus. We jumped, we wrestled, we wagged tails. It was great!

The others kept walking but Shorty and I decided that this was far enough for us, so we just kept playing for a good long time. I wish J.R. and Buster could come out and walk with us. Still, it was great to see them because they don't get out of the house very often.

It was the Best Day Ever!