07 July 2007

Cat Dog

My window seat is my favorite place to hang out. But I have other places too. Tobias, Steven's cat, sits on the back of the sofa in the living room. He always looks very comfortable, and I thought it might be a good spot for me too. So now I sit like this on the sofa and on BookGirl's chair. Steven says that I think I'm a "cat dog." I don't know what that means, but it's fun to sit here. I especially like it when Steven is sitting on the sofa and I can lean over and lick his ear. And it's high up off the ground, so I can look down and all around.

Sometimes I sit with my paws on either side of the sofa back. I sit like that when I'm tired or sleepy. Sometimes Tobias and I sit on the back of the sofa together. When this happens, I'm very still, because I don't want to scare him. If I move, he thinks I'm trying to play with him and he jumps off. Tobias doesn't like to play as much as I do. That's okay. He's my friend anyway.


Geoffrey said...

Looking for something interesting to read this summer?



Bella said...

Hey BP,
RL won't let me on the sofa but sometimes she lets me on the bed. I like to jump on her and drape one paw over her shoulder. That way, if she's not paying attention to me, I can tap her. Except RL says I don't have great muscle control and it's not exactly tapping. Hope you're staying cool!

BookPuppy said...

Bella, BG says she wishes she and Steven had never let me on the sofa, cause I'm all over it. Steven says it's too late now to try to keep me off it.

We don't talk much about the sofa around here since I scratched it up a lot and BG had to buy a sofa cover. She wasn't very happy about that. Steven says it's a small price to pay for having an adorable puppy around the house. He is SO smart, don't you think?

Anonymous said...

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