31 October 2007

A Sad Day

Almost all my days are happy ones. As I like to say, "Today is the best day ever!" Do you know why? Because it's true!

But there was one day a few weeks ago that wasn't that happy. My cat buddy Tobias had been getting sicker and sicker. Steven had to take him to the vet, and I couldn't go this time. When he came back with Tobias, Tobias wasn't really there anymore, and Steven was very sad.

We buried him in the front-yard at one of his favorite outdoor snoozing spots. I miss him and sometimes I look around for him, but he's not here anymore. Steven says that in heaven we will have all those things that we need to be happy, so I think that means that we'll all be together again some day. That sounds good to me.

For now, I spend even more time with Steven than I did before before, and I will always be a cat-dog thanks to Tobias' lessons on how to be a cat.


Riverlark said...

Twiggy, I'm so glad you're there for Stephen and Clara. (I know Clara wasn't a cat person, but she did have a soft spot for anyone who loved Stephen.) You'll have to trot out some cat behaviors once in awhile to remind Stephen of his beloved kitten. There's no one who knows us like you (and Bella) do. And you love us anyway! Take good care of Stephen and Clara!

Sogi said...

Hi Twiggy, I'm pretty new to the world of cat buds, have 2 in my new family. I am so sorry that you lost a good cat bud.
I'm another Asheville Dog blogger, maybe we will meet someday at one of the parks. :)

Beta Karoten said...

I'm sorry for your loss. I had a Siamese cat 4 years ago. One day i found a website dedicated to the Siamese cat "Milkface". Milkface was killed by a car when he was 3 years old. I thought no such terrible could never ever happen to my cat. One year later, on a summer day, i have lost my cat. Probably she was stolen while playing in our garden.