28 July 2007

Left Behind

BookGirl used to go away a lot (she called it 'business travel,' whatever that is). I knew she was going to leave because she brought out a big black box (she calls it a suitcase) and put her clothes and other things in it. Then she put it in the car and Steven drove us to a place called the airport. Steven used to take me with him to pick up BG when she came home too. I made a lot of friends there.

This time, Steven went away. I wanted to go with him, so when he wasn't looking, I jumped up on the bed and then into his suitcase. BG thought it was funny, so she took some pictures, but I was serious. I put my chew toy in there too so I'd have something to play with during the trip. Steven wouldn't let me stay, though. But he let me go with him and BG to the airport and held me on his lap instead of making me sit in my car seat in the back. I couldn't go in this time to say goodbye to Steven because BG was in a rush. I really miss Steven when he goes away. I have a lot of friends, but Steven is my very favorite person.


Bella said...

BP, are both BG and Steven gone? Who is taking care of you? Too bad you're not in Minnesota because then you could stay with us!

BookPuppy said...

Hi, Bella. BG took care of me while Steven was gone last week. She's nice, but I always miss Steven most.

Maybe I'll get to visit you in Minnesota sometime. That would fun! And BG and Steven already said that you can visit us anytime you want. I can introduce you to all my friends in the neighborhood. You'll like them and they'll like you.